Las Vegas Loose Video Poker at Palace Station

Across from the Palace Bingo Room, the Gambler's Den is a must for video poker players looking for an edge.

We’re letting loose.

There’s always a lot of loose talk in Las Vegas about loose slot and video poker machines. Right now, Palace Station is backing up that claim with a special designated area offering hundreds of games with 99% payback or better on optimal play.

  • We’re calling it “the way Vegas used to be.”
  • We’re calling it “no gimmicks…no games…just a good gamble.”
  • Officially, we’re calling it the Gambler’s Den.

“[99% payback] means that, over time, the machine will pay back over 99% of the money that is put through it,” said Daniel “Royal Flush” Freid, Slot Director at Palace Station. “Players won’t find a better deal for video poker on the majority of machines at any casino. Many places will advertise them and then make them hard to find or limit what denominations they can play. We’re putting it in plain sight and going to a higher denomination than many places.”

Located across from the Bingo Room at Palace, the Gamblers’ Den has more than 200 of players’ favorite games like Deuces Wild, Bonus Poker and Triple Double Bonus Poker including many progressives. All of the games are in multiple denoms up to $5.

If you’re a video poker player looking for an edge, stop in the Gambler’s Den and get loose with us!

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3 thoughts on “Las Vegas Loose Video Poker at Palace Station

  1. Great news! Sounds like Sahara’s “Locals Lane” concept but better. But don’t stop there. Offer 100% or higher like your Optimum Play. In a separated area off the main floor. Have all your Station Casino’s do this. Each one to have it’s own theme and name. Also try separating your machines a little more. I bet if you ask other Video Poker players they would agree. I believe you would get much more play. No player likes being on top of everyone. Video poker players usually enjoy quiet areas where they can concentrate on game strategy.

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