A brew debut at five of our Las Vegas bars

Freshly brewed at Barley's in Henderson, Red Rock will be available at Wildfire Gaming locations. Join us for a free sample at one of our upcoming tapping parties. Cheers!

I’LL PERSONALLY BE attending the tapping parties at all the properties, and spreading the word about the new Red Rock beer. Well, it’s not really new, as Barley’s Casino & Brewing Company has been making it since 1996, but most of the valley hasn’t had a chance to try it yet! We’ll be serving free 12-ounce samples of Red Rock at five locations during the next week or so. Freshly brewed Red Rock will also be on tap for seconds, thirds, and so on at the bar. 

In case you have never had the pleasure, Red Rock is a very classic German style of beer called “Märzen” (mair’ tzen), or roughly translated, March beer. In the 1500’s, refrigeration was non-existent, and you could only make beer when weather permitted. People found that after March, it was too warm to make beer, because it would go sour. So, the March beer would be made and stored in ice caves, awaiting the cooler fall season when it would be brought out and drunk heartily.

 Tapping parties for the new Red Rock brew at the Wildfire Gaming Properties

Later, in the 1800’s, this was the basic beer for Oktoberfest in Munich. Ours is a classic Munich-style Märzen, rich red in color and fairly powerful at 6% ABV. The barley that is used to make this beer is actually called “Munich Malt,” as the color is specific to the Munich area. We use only the four traditional German ingredients of water, malt, hops, and yeast, foregoing cost-cutting ingredients like rice, corn and sugars that are found in most lighter American beers.

This is the beer you want to have with a bratwurst or knockwurst, or if you just feel like putting on your lederhosen!

It was mighty nice of them to name the casino after the beer, wasn’t it?


Jim Wilson
Barley’s Casino and Brewing Co.

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