VIDEO: Our Lightning Fast Cash Giveaway is…ummm…Fast

Strike it Rich drawing is Nov. 27.

WE HAD THE camera out again.

This time we took our video gear over to Santa Fe Station to promote November’s $1.8 Million Lightning Fast Cash Giveaway at Station and Fiesta Casinos. The Lightning Fast Cash Giveaway, as the name suggests, is fast. In fact, on Fridays and Saturdays from October 31 to November 27 at 10 of our casinos, $500 is won every five minutes between 6-8pm. There’s other ways to win, so click the poster to the right. And the big day is still to come, as on Nov. 27 at 9pm someone is going to win $100,000.

Anyway, back to the video.

The “actors” are Station Casinos Team Members.

  • Casey shakes drinks at Revolver and here is at the bar at The Charcoal Room.
  • Chef Javier chops at Cabo Mexican Restaurant and is in the Charcoal Room kitchen in the video.
  • Ranny deals the cards at blackjack.
  • Vanel rules the Rewards Center (the guest in the video is Santa Fe Station’s very own Marketing Manager Chris Cleveland).

All are naturals, don’t you think?

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