SHE WON! Congratulations Brittney for being named Las Vegas’ Sexiest Server by SpyOnVegas.com. Pictures below.

Thanks for voting for Brittney!

WHEN THE SC Blog heard one of our very own was competing in the Spy on Vegas “Sexy Server Contest,” our first thought was “Are there pictures?” Yes, there are pictures.

But our second thought was: How can we help?

So we caught up with Brittney, bartender at our Revolver Saloon at Santa Fe Station, to learn a little more about her, some tips on being cool at Revolver and the contest.

Tell us a little about yourself – what makes you different from every other bartender in the city?
So many bartenders around town seem inhospitable and look at you as if you’re simply a dollar sign. What makes me different from other bartenders in the city is that I make it a point to give my customers a great experience by being gracious and inviting. I always smile and am as friendly as possible so my guests can leave with a great experience, not just empty pockets!

Can you share with us five tips for a first-timer’s visit to Revolver?

  1. Revolver has a casual atmosphere with a top-quality level of service. No need for ties and heels but wear comfortable shoes so you can partake in hours of drinking and dancing!
  2. Line Dance and Two-Step lessons are offered Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays 8:15-9:00pm. Don’t be scared to come down because you aren’t necessarily into Line Dancing or Country music. Revolver’s resident DJ, Frank Rebelo (AKA DJ Sinner), does an amazing job of mixing together all types of music so you’ll hear everything from old and new Country to Dance music to Top 40 hits. You’re almost guaranteed to end up on the dance floor at some point in time!
  3. In order to get a bartender’s attention, definitely DO NOT yell across the bar or violently wave your arms. Revolver gets very busy, so the customers that wait for their turn patiently and politely will definitely receive our attention. The biggest things to remember are: know what you want to order, have your money ready to pay and pay attention to the bartender so you can place your order when she’s ready!
  4. Revolver has a great selection of entertainment including beer pong, pool tables and video games. Every Thursday we hold a beer pong tournament with a cash prize. We open at 8 so get here early so you can get some practice time in before the tables fill up…some of these guys are really good!
  5. There are amazing drink specials every night at Revolver, including $2 Jack on Fridays and $2 Jager on Saturdays. Make sure to take advantage of these great deals. You can always check out our website (nightlifestation.com) for information on what specials we have each night. If you’re a fan of Revolver on facebook you can even participate to win things like free bottle service or concert tickets. Our team is all about taking care of our fans!

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We hear that you’ve worked at Revolver since Day 1 – any good stories you can share?
Revolver holds theme nights like toga parties, superhero nights and black light parties. During our 70’s skate nights, I would see a flood of sequins and afros break dancing in roller skates to the Bee Gees. At Halloween for our costume contest, we had a gigantic Incredible Hulk and Big Foot getting down on the dance floor. We never have a dull theme night!

Last and final big question of the week – you’re one of the contestants in the Spy on Vegas Sexy Server Contest and voting doesn’t end till 2/20. Anything you can share with our readers on why they should vote for you?

Readers should vote for me because not only do I exude confidence and poise, but I am also a warm and authentic person. I’m not just in this competition for myself but I’m representing Revolver and Station Casinos because they deserve recognition for being such wonderful companies.

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