A ‘We Love Locals’ User Guide…from a Local

I’M A LOCAL, who happens to also work (eat, drink and play) at Station Casinos. And as a local I enjoy a flashy marketing campaign like “We Love Locals” as much as the next Las Vegan. Hey, it’s Vegas. Go big or go to (insert non-exciting town here), right?

When we first launched “We Love Locals” back in February we went big:

  1. TV commercials starring employees with a classic, catchy tune…All You Need is Love
  2. Gave away 10 new cars every day for like three weeks
  3. Even made merchandise (hats, T-shirts, bumper stickers, coffee mugs) to share the sentiment

We hope we made a big splash in a pretty big pond.

I (back to me, the local) also expect some value with my marketing flash. While the TV commercials still run, some lucky folks are driving around in new cars, and I use my coffee cup almost every day, the “We Love Locals” campaign continues…but what’s in it for me? In other words, I want some steak to go with the sizzle.

Here’s a list of ongoing value in the “We Love Locals” campaign in order of awesomeness. Love Ya!

  1. Twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) at www.weluvlocals.com you can get a free coupon for good stuff. Very popular winning deals so far have included 2-4-1 buffet, a $100 gift card for $50, and 50% off 1- and 2-night hotel stays. Psst: you don’t even have to be a local to get the coupon.
  2. Every one of our casinos is offering $5 Double Deck 24/7. (And, yes, Blackjack pays 3 to 2. This isn’t The Strip.)
  3. All the Feast Buffets have new pricing with $4.99 breakfast, $6.99 lunch and either $9.99 or 12.99 dinner/Sunday Brunch. Seriously, try getting a made-to-order omelet for less than $8…plus there’s the $3 orange juice…$2.50 coffee…can’t beat that Feast breakfast.
  4. Sweet hotel deals: Check out our Las Vegas hotel deal myVacation or our Online Exclusive if you’re looking for a local StayCation or coming from Des Moines.
  5. More food, each of our Mexican restaurants has a $7.99 2-Item Combo special and each one of our Italian restaurants has a $9.99 Chicken Parmesan deal going.
  6. Our Entertainment team has more bookings this year than a high-crime area (sorry). Country music. Jazz. Rock. More than 1,000 shows! It’s on in 2011. Let me try that again: we got music heaven in 2011. A little better.
  7. Time for a drink. All of our bars have 99-cent Margaritas 24/7 and all Belvedere Vodka drinks are half-price every day from 4pm to 6pm.
  8. More, more food: Every one of our Grand Cafés (Red Rock, Palace, Boulder and Sunset currently) is serving a super affordable breakfast ($3.99 2-Egg Skillet), lunch ($5.99 ½-lb. Angus Burger) and dinner ($9.99 King-Cut Prime Rib Dinner) menu items.

What do you think? Enough love? What would you have included in the campaign? Let me know below!

14 thoughts on “A ‘We Love Locals’ User Guide…from a Local

  1. Well afer an unlucky night at Cosmo, decided to go back to RR on my way home (1 mile away). First time back in 2-3 mos and lost $3k pretty quick playing bj. I ask the floor supervisor to get a host/comp, he says they all are gone for the evening. I said “after 3k I guess you don’t want my business” and he had nothing to say. Really, you say you love locals and you let a $3k ADT walk. C’mon folks, do you really want local play?

    1. Hi Rich, we certainly do appreciate a player like yourself and apologize for any bad experience. We do have hosts that would be interested in following up with you about your experience and play. Here’s a list of Red Rock Casino Hosts and contact info: http://www.redrocklasvegas.com/gaming/hosts.php … as you may know … make sure you always give your Boarding Pass card when table gaming … you may have qualified for our big blackjack tournament with your one session the other night … although I’m sure you probably hoped it wouldn’t have cost you $3,000 … http://www.stationcasinos.com/300kblackjack/ … thanks

      1. My wife and I went to LBS in the RR, thinking we could maybe get a great hamburger there. NOT!!! The service didn’t help either, but when I got the bill I was really ticked The bill was $31.74 I gave the waitress $40.00 and got back $8.00 in change. I questioned this and was told they round things off. It’s only 16 cents (in their favor), but I would have thought I should have been given the choice.

        I guess that is what “I Love Locals” means to them. Needless to say I will not be going back there, and if the hotel allows this I will also avoid the hotel.

  2. So your “We love locals” campaign offers are basically all food deals. (Judging from your list in the article.) I used to go to Stations almost exclusively and a lot. But when they were going through their bankruptcy dealings(and I use the word “dealings” purposefully), they pretty much said “screw you” to their customer base. Comps were almost nonexistent and their machines noticeably grew tighter. I then switched casinos and went over to one of their major competitors. Now they come back with a “We Love Locals” campaign, which is basically all talk no action (see Mr. Harp’s comment above). Sorry, Stations, but your locals customer base is smarter than that. As a local who frequents casinos a lot, I have a very good memory and I for one refuse to visit Stations again after their poor treatment to their customer base. They definitely played their cards wrong.

  3. We would like information on the recent car giveway promotion. We would like to know how many were really given away. Where would that information be listed?

    1. well, from Feb. 7-28 we gave away one car at 10 casinos every day, so 220 cars, winners were given the choice of a cash option so not sure how many winners actually took the cars, if that is what you are asking, thanks

  4. Something went wrong with the contest ending monday night, May 2.
    In approximate numbers, with 4 hous remaining in the vote, the 2/1 buffet was in the lead with 4000+ votes and a margin of better than 4 to 1 over the steak deal. Then, in the last 4 hours, steak deal got 4000+ fraudulent votes at the rate of about 20 plus per minute to win. Either your web site was hacked….or you explain to us? I am sure Stations will correct this Wednesday morning…..as such a manipulation will bring in to question all future “WE LOVE LOCALS” votes. Thank you for looking in to this matter.

  5. Something funny is going on with the voting at weluvlocals.com and it’s not the first time I’ve noticed this. Last night when I went to bed, the 2-for-1 buffet deal was winning over the $50 for $100 worth of great steaks deal by something like 4000+ votes to 900+ votes, with just over an hour to go. This morning when I woke up, the steak deal was the one highlighted as the winning deal. Unless there was a flurry of activity in the last hour of voting, there is no way this could have legitimately happened. If Stations doesn’t want to post the winning deals in accordance with the vote, why bother having a vote? This is the second time I’ve noticed this happening.

    I call Shenanigans

    1. I’ll reply to my own posting. Early this morning, I contacted the weluvlocals.com people and explained what happened. Within a couple of hours, they sent me an email reply acknowledging the problem and putting the correct deal up on the site. Thanks to the WeLuvLocals folks for taking care of the problem so quickly!

    1. good question and a good marketing idear, don’t believe we sell them, if I can find one do you want me to send it to you?

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