All-New Boarding Pass to Reinvent Popular Loyalty Program

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Station Casinos changed the way locals gambled back in 1999 with the introduction of the innovative Boarding Pass loyalty card program that rewards guests for their gaming play; and on September 15, Station Casinos will introduce the all-new Boarding Pass program with the addition of several significant enhancements including:

  • Video poker and slot players will now earn points three times faster than before, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Every one dollar played will equal three points when playing video poker, slots and video keno making the Boarding Pass program the most competitive point ratio in town.
  • The merging of three loyalty card programs into one card (Boarding Pass at Station Casinos’ properties; Amigo Card at the Fiestas and the Wild Card for the Wildfire Gaming division)  with equal points earned and redeemed at 18 Station Casinos’ locations.
  • Players may now earn cash back.  One dollar in cash for every 1,000 points earned.
  • Players’ points can be redeemed at over 50 restaurants, 11 hotels, five bowling centers, seven movie theaters, two spas or for hundreds of concerts.  No other locals’ loyalty program offers full access to dozens of free entertainment offerings.
  • Players will get status twice as fast with a six month cycle for both status credits and maintaining their status level.
  • Status credits can be earned in other gaming areas including pari-mutuel waging, poker, sports book and bingo.
  • Status credits, which assist guests in moving up in their card status as well as provide additional perks and discounts, can be earned throughout the casino including video poker, slots, video keno, table games, poker, race and sports book wagering and during bingo sessions.   The threshold to get status is lower than ever before.

“The  enhancements to the all-new Boarding Pass represent the most monumental change in our loyalty card program since its creation and addresses all the desires we’ve heard from our guests when we asked them for a ‘wish list’ of their ideal players’ card program,” said Kevin Kelley, Chief Operating Officer for Station Casinos.

Guests can pick up their new Boarding Pass at any Rewards Center.  All points will be converted to the players’ advantage and merged into one card. New Boarding Pass card players who sign up for the card will get up to $500 in free slot play

The five status levels of the Boarding Pass program begins with Preferred as the first level and status grows to the Gold, Platinum and President levels with the highest level, Chairman.  President and Chairman level players will be given a personal casino host to ensure that all of their casino needs are met.

The roll out of the all-new Boarding Pass program is another example of the Company providing extraordinary and innovative promotions as recently seen with the launch of its “We Love Locals” program, bringing back the popular “Car a Day” promotion that awarded 220 cars throughout the month of February and the increased football contest prize pool from $1.4 million to $2 million in the long-standing “Great Giveaway” promotion.

For additional details about the all-new Boarding Pass program, visit any Rewards Center at any Station Casinos’ property or visit

About Station Casinos LLC Founded in 1976, Station Casinos LLC is the leading provider of gaming and entertainment to the residents of Las Vegas, Nevada. The Company’s properties include various amenities, including numerous restaurants, entertainment venues, movie theaters, bowling and convention/banquet space, as well as traditional casino gaming offerings such as video poker, slot machines, table games, bingo and race and sports wagering. The Company owns 17 properties including: Boulder Station, Fiesta Henderson, Fiesta Rancho, Green Valley Ranch, Palace Station, Red Rock Resort, Santa Fe Station, Sunset Station, Texas Station, Days Inn at Wild Wild West and the Wildfire Gaming division that includes Barley’s Brewery, The Greens, Gold Rush, Lake Mead Lounge, Wildfire Casino & Lanes, Wildfire Boulder and Wildfire Rancho. The Company also manages Aliante Station pursuant to a management agreement. Additionally, Station Casinos LLC owns various land holdings and develops and/or manages four tribal gaming opportunities in California and Michigan pursuant to development and management agreements.


20 thoughts on “All-New Boarding Pass to Reinvent Popular Loyalty Program

  1. with this new promotion, you devalued my points, examble, before it took approx. 3000 points for the breakfast buffet, now it will cost mt 5000 pts. i do not think this is right, this is no way to treat a customer,what you did was for your benifit not ours.

  2. John is completely correct. Prstations is talking about future points………but it totally devalued the points everyone had. At the buffet for the better players…….it’s still worse. Let me explain. I am a president card holder and will probably be bumped up to Chairman after December (which means less than being platinum a week ago). Guess what I paid in points for a buffet before? 150 points per dollar. It was 600 points per dollar and I received a 75 percent discount. Now it’s 1000 points and I get a 50 percent discount. It will cost me OVER 3 times the amount. Not to mention, 3 times the points is actually only 2 times the points extra. Meaning if I earn 5000 points in a day I’m getting 15,000 points but that’s only 10,000 extra. At the GVR buffet to take 4 people it cost me 28,000 points. Do you know what it cost be before this great change………..8400. I’m not kidding. The restaurants are an even worse deal as there is no discount even for Chairman members. It’s 1,000 points per dollar at all restaurants. Please don’t show me a stupid video prstations………..the word will get out about this. You will lose your good players.

  3. I do understand the concept that it will be quicker to earn 5,000 points now than 3,000 points before. The problem is that you didn’t convert what we already had. Since the points are worth less now. It’s like a stock split (you might not be smart enough to understand that concept). For people who had never played at Stations or already used up all of their points, this club is a good deal. For people like me with over 1,000,000………the points are worth less regardless how you spin it. You should have converted all of the points we already had saved up at a 40 rate (like a stock split would have). Since everything cost 1,000 instead of 600 points now. Also, lowering the discount on the buffet for your BEST players is just the worst idea in the history of ideas. Big shock the company almost went bankrupt.

  4. Step up to the “plate” Stations and make it a real value for the locals “you luv.” Sounds good until you redeem your points at the buffet. The increased value is very marginal, at best. Changing menu, ex. no prime rib for dinner, makes it a negative for me.

  5. Those youtube answers are embarrassing. Yes…….we know that the future points will add up faster now. As for that 2008 date…….no change has happened to my points. I have the same points before the change as I did after. I’m positive about that and I have over 1 million left. People are concerned about the points we already had earned for many years. Those aren’t worth as much as everything (food, concerts, bowling, movies) costs more now. Sure, if you’ve never been a member…’s the time to join. It’s a positive change for someone that just moved to Vegas or has never played at Stations. It’s a slap in the face to your best customers. Not to mention, president and chairman members getting less of a discount at the buffet than they did for many years. I would like to see that answered in one of your silly youtube videos (with brianwashed employees). Bill also makes a good point about the quality of your buffets going down. No more prime rib is just sad. You can get prime rib at those run down downtown places. NO SEAFOOD at any Station. Just some shrimp at GVR and Red Rock. Not even a specialty night.

    1. Thanks Typical, your issue is most likely handled best by visiting our Rewards Center where the real experts are happy to assist. Thanks so much.

  6. I totally agree with John. You (Stations) took approx $400 in F&B from me overnight by devaluing the points I had already accrued. Fine you bumped me from Platinum to President but you also devalued the tier of President. President tier has the exact beneifts as Platinum, so the only distinction between the Plat and Pres is the color of the card. How is that fair? Do you really expect to fool the people that keep you in business. Is this anyway to reward the people that were loyal to you during yor recent financial debaucle? I think not! I will be cashing in my points and taking my money to the M.

  7. I must give the Stations credit for hearing our complaints and making things right. Thank You Stations! On October, I and others were given a huge increase to our existing points. My comments were harsh but it is typical of most clubs to take things away when they increase something else. This has happened with MGM Players club/ MLIFE (1 year ago) and the Coast Properties (5 years ago?). They acted like the club changes were great, but they made things worse. The Stations did the right thing by increasing the points we already had (can’t be used on free play but can be used on food, concerts, movies, bowling etc.) That’s all we wanted! Now that our older points haven’t been devalued………..and we are earning points faster- I must give them credit (even though they tried to sneak this by everyone). They made things right very quickly and that’s all that matters.

    The only other things they need to do to make this the perfect club and the best in Vegas……….is give some incentive for a being a Chairman. That’s the highest card and it’s no difference from being a President card holder. The other thing would be to increase the price of the a few of their buffets and add seafood, prime rib/steak night. Seafood is the key. Have a specialty night or just have it at a few top properties and raise the price. Regardless if you lose money on the high cost of crab legs…… brings in a better quality of people……..people with money that are ready to gamble. That’s the whole point. GVR buffet is empty now! (compared to a few years ago).

    Regardless if you listen to my last paragraph…..thanks again for coming through and making things right with the point situation. You have saved a great customer and I’m sure I’m not alone. Maybe you really do love/luv locals 😉

  8. I agree with the buffet advice. I would rather pay more and have, what used to be standards, like prime rib and shrimp. Took my mother-in-law from NY to the GVR buffet 6 yrs ago and yesterday to the buffet for Thanksgiving.. She couldn’t believe how far it had fallen. If it wasn’t comped, I think I would had asked to be refunded, On the way out we were telling people waiting in line it isnt worth your time or money.

    The only reason we went there is the line at the M resort was too long, and I am a President level BP member, which even at that, I had to wait over an hour. Next year we will just go to a nice restraunt.

    Thank you for the opportunuity to vent. The restructuring has taken a toll on Stations. But, Thank you for the Full pay VP machines. Just thought I would end on a positive comment.

  9. Station Casinos treats locals like crap! When you switched over to the new system, my husband and I lost over 80,000 points! We reported it that week, and after almost 6 months and dealing with 3 different managers at Green Valley, we were told that we had used 68,000 points at a restaurant in Red Rock Casino, and also their buffet on a day we both worked! We have never eaten at ANY restaurant in Red Rock! No other details were given to us when we asked, and then we were told the typical ” There was nothing they could do” line. “SHAME ON YOU” for the way you treat your locals and Platinum card holders! I was raised to be honest and being treated like I was just trying to scam you REALLY pissed me off! So, you can keep your points because we won’t need them! They obviously mean more to your company than us! We will NEVER play at ANY of your casinos again! There are alot more casinos that will be glad to have our business!

  10. I was wondering if any chairman get monthly offers? If so, can you give an example of what you get? I am chairman, but have no offers.

    1. hey Iggy, most everyone, all levels of cardholders, get a monthly mailer and what they get depends on some variables like your number of visits, level of play and such … if you want to see the benefits of each card level please visit here (scroll down the page to the left there where it says Benefits by Card): … thanks

    2. hey Iggy, most everyone, all level of cardholders, get a monthly mailer and what they get depends on some variables like your number or visits, level of play and such … if you want to see the benefits of each card level please visit here and scroll down the page to the left there where it says Benefits by Card: … thanks

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