Top 10 Reasons to Check Out Desert Hops Beer Fest at GVR

UPDATE: 9.16.11

THIS PAST SATURDAY, I and a whole lotta other folks sipped, swilled, sampled and slurped over 150 brews at Seven Magazine’s Desert Hops Beer Fest. I have to congratulate everyone involved, especially Green Valley Ranch’s Event and Food & Beverage crews, and Station Casinos’ Nightlife gang because they threw one heckuva party.

With all of its different levels and spaces, GVR’s Backyard made for a perfect venue. And you couldn’t have asked for better weather. But to me, what put this bash over the top was the food! I had the white-truffle tater tots and grilled beef tenderloin from Hanks, and later grabbed meatball sausage sliders from Terra Verde. The BBQ from The Feast Buffet looked awesome, too.

As for the bevy of brews, I tried my best to make it though all 150+ (thank goodness I had a room). A few standouts were Big Dogs’ Red Ale, Anchor’s Brown Ale, Duvel Single and Sierra Nevada’s Southern Hemisphere. For me, the brew of the event was Barley’s Black Mountain. Nice and rich. The former Apprentice Brewer who’s been recently promoted to Master Brewer has already made a positive impact on the whole Barley’s line.

Again, well done all!

What were some of your favorites?

Jeff Perry
Sr. Ad Writer, Station Casinos

SOME OF YOU have already purchased your tickets for the first Desert Hops Beer Festival, but some of you might need a little more information (or prodding) to grab yours before they sell out. We’re giving you our Top 10 Reasons to Check Out the Beer Fest at GVR this weekend; but you might only need one!

  1. Unlimited sampling of 150 international beers. Unlike other festivals, we’re not putting a limit on your taste buds – or, ahem – sobriety. Try as much as you like, and then try more!
  2. Pre-sale tickets are only $30. That’s what you spend on 3 beers + tip on any Saturday on the Strip! At the Desert Hops Beer Festival $30 will buy, well, as much as you like. (There’s reason #1 again…) Buy tickets at any Station Casinos Rewards Center and avoid processing fees, or purchase online at
  3. Been wanting to try out all of the amazing restaurants at Green Valley Ranch but haven’t had the money, the time, or the babysitter? You can sample bites from five fabulous restaurants including: Sushi Sake, Terra Verde, Feast, Hank’s, and Tides. Bites won’t break the bank either, all restaurants are offering treats for $2 – $6.
  4. It’s outside! Been living like a vampire all summer because of the intense desert heat? What better way to celebrate the finally beautiful weather than with an ice cold brew, or 10?
  5. Anchor Steam, Liberty Ale, Breckle’s Brown, Dog Fish Head, Nectar Hemp Ale, Old Rasputin, Icky IPA, Pyramid Heff, Asahi, Original Cask, Spaten Dunkel, Monty Python, Foret Organic, Shipyard Pumpkin, Lindemans FGramboise, Piraat… Need we say more? Check out the full list of beers at
  6. The man in your life will worship you – at least for the weekend. Men love beer. Men especially love enormous backyards with lots of beer. Remember the “happy place” in Billy Madison? This is just like that. We promise.
  7. Not a beer connoisseur? No problem! There are plenty of go-tos on the list that can be sampled all night. And at this festival, no need to fear the unknown! If you don’t like something just move on to the next. That “unlimited sampling” thing we have going on is pretty amazing.
  8. In the market for a new car, truck, or motorcycle? Check out Land Rover’s latest models in the Land Rover Amphitheater at the backside of the backyard. Just don’t drive it home tonight!
  9. $99 Room Rates at GVR. Who wouldn’t want to turn a beer celebration into a full night at Green Valley Ranch? Spend the night, enjoy the Desert Hops Beer Fest consequence free and spend your saved cab fare on #10….
  10. TWO Official Afterparties! A beer fest this good deserves celebration, and we’re doing it right but continuing the party at the Lobby Bar and with Steel Panther at Ovation. Personally, we’re choosing both. Want to book the table right next to us? Call 702.617.7075

Ryan Doherty
Publisher, Vegas Seven

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