Discover Bonus Points on Columbus Day at Station Casinos

WHETHER YOU HAVE off Monday for Columbus Day (lucky) or need to let loose a bit after a day of … work, kids, school, life, shopping for a new couch at one of those Columbus Day furniture sales … we have a sweet extra payoff for video poker and slots players with Bonus Point Day!

We like these Bonus Point Days. It’s our second one in like a week as Bonus Point Day debuted on Friday, September 30. Did you play and rack up some nice points? Here’s basically all you need to know:

  • Play at any Station, Fiesta or Wildfire Casinos on Monday, October 10 (midnight to midnight)
  • IMPORTANT: Remember not to forget to swipe your new Boarding Pass card at the kiosk before playing. You have your new BP, right?
  • Video Poker players get 6 points for every $1
  • Slots players get 10 points for every $1
  • There’s No Limit!

Happy Bonus Point Day! (Oh, and Columbus Day, too)

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