Tequila! And lots of it at TequilaQuest

ALRIGHT MY FELLOW Las Vegans, how many tequila bars are there on The Strip? Give up? There are 12. I know because my favorite partner in crime and I hit every single one over a Friday & Saturday night. Why? Lets just say, “Because they were there.”

Now, this wasn’t just some crazed binge. No, this was a TequilaQuest! A definitive study in the name of science, if you will. And there were rules. Such as, “Each Questor must have at least one shot, at each bar.” And, “No two tequilas may be repeated.” Also, “No Questor’s face may make contact with the floor, or ground, at any time.” Like I said, this was a serious undertaking. (It should be said that we weren’t driving.) Oh yeah, everything was tasted straight up, no salt, no lime. No exceptions.

I won’t bore you with the details because, frankly, they’re a little fuzzy. But we did discover some tequilas we really liked. The revelation of the quest was Classe Azul Reposado. Expensive stuff! But if there ever was a “dessert tequila” this is it. Second place would have to go to Siete Leguas Añejo (the Reposado was pretty good, too). Not as spicy as my fave, Chinaco Añejo, but full bodied, with great agave flavor. Other top finishers were Chaya Añejo (very feminine), Penca Azul Añejo (great bananas on the nose), and Corralejo Añejo.

Have you found a new favorite tequila? I’d love to hear about it. You know, in the interest of science.

Jeff Perry
Sr. Ad Writer, Station Casinos

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