Feast On Our Las Vegas Thanksgiving Dining Guide

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A MOMENT OF sincerity to start our 2011 Thanksgiving dining blog post. Ehem, we are thankful for those of you who choose to have a Thanksgiving meal in Las Vegas with us, sincerely. It’s a pretty special day for family and friends and we think it’s pretty special that you dine at one of our restaurants on Thanksgiving. We’re thankful for you.

OK, now let’s talk turkey (and ham, and prime rib) by starting with our Thanksgiving buffets. Click on the image here to the right to see some of the special menu items we’re offering at the Feast and Festival Buffets on Nov. 24. Pricing (with Boarding Pass card) breaks down like this:

  • $11.99 for Festival Buffet at Fiesta Henderson and Fiesta Rancho
  • $12.99 for Feast Buffet at Aliante, Boulder, Palace, Santa Fe, Sunset and Texas Stations
  • $18.99 for the Feast at Green Valley Ranch and Red Rock Resort

What else, buffet hours are pretty much all day from like 8am to 9pm. What else, what else: we have special menus at many of our restaurants below and will keep adding them as we go. Click to enlarge menus and you can crave through them using the buttons down the bottom.

A few words about the videos below. Our Food & Beverage Team held three “Star Chef” contests, where chefs from Grand Café, Pasta Cucina and Cabo prepared dishes that were judged with the winning meals appearing as a special on Thanksgiving. So, you can see it here and order over there on Turkey Thursday.

One more, if you need a room, check here for availability and room rates on Thanksgiving Day/Weekend.

If you have questions, let us know below, and thanks again.

Thanksgiving Day Special at Cabo Mexican Restaurants


So here’s the Star Chef competition from the chefs at our Cabo Mexican Restaurants. What we like most about Chef Manny’s, who works at Cabo at Red Rock, winning Shredded Turkey Enchiladas dish (click on the little image up to the left here) is that it’s from his mom’s recipe. Thanks chefs!

Cabo at Aliante, Boulder, Red Rock, Santa Fe and Sunset

Thanksgiving Day Special at the Grand Cafés


The Star Chef competition amongst our Grand Café chefs was a real wishbone pull, but when all was said and test-tasted Chef Ray’s, from Santa Fe Station, Slow-Roasted Turkey Breast with Chestnut Stuffing was judged top bird. You can order the winning dish at all our Grand Cafés (except at Red Rock, see below) for $9.99 with Boarding Pass on Nov. 24 from 11am to 11pm.

Grand Café at Boulder, Santa Fe, Texas, Sunset and Palace.

Thanksgiving Day Special at Pasta Cucinas


Well, we had some technical difficulties taping at the Pasta Cucina Star Chef competition. To the point, you can order Chef Jeremy’s winning Roasted Basil-Rubbed Turkey Breast at all of our Pasta Cucina restaurants on Thanksgiving Day for $14.99. Video shows Jeremy, who cooks at Pasta Cucina at Palace Station, and his top turkey dish, but we can’t take our eyes off that pumpkin cheesecake cannoli. Enjoy!

Pasta Cucina at Aliante, Boulder, Palace, Sunset and Texas

Thanksgiving Day Specials at Red Rock

Terra Rossa 12-9pm

Grand Cafe 11am-9pm

Tbones 3-9pm


All restaurants at Red Rock

Thanksgiving Day Specials at Texas Station

Austins 3-9pm

Oyster Bar 12-9pm


All restaurants at Texas

Thanksgiving Day Specials at Green Valley Ranch

Terra Verde 12-9pm

Sushi + Sake 5pm-Close

China Spice 5-10pm

Tides 11am-10pm


All restaurants at GVR

Thanksgiving Day Specials at Sunset Station

Oyster Bar 12-9pm

Sonoma Cellar 2-10pm


All restaurants at Sunset

Thanksgiving Day Specials at Fiesta Henderson

Amigo’s 2-9pm

Fuego 1-8pm

All restaurants at Fiesta Henderson

Thanksgiving Day Specials at Aliante Station

MRKT 3-9pm


All restaurants at Aliante

Thanksgiving Day Specials at Boulder Station

The Broiler 11am-10pm


All restaurants at Boulder

Thanksgiving Day Specials at Santa Fe Station

Charcoal Room 3-9pm


All restaurants at Santa Fe

Thanksgiving Day Specials at Palace Station

The Broiler 12-10pm


All restaurants at Palace

Thanksgiving Day Specials at Fiesta Rancho

Garduno’s 12-7pm

All restaurants at Rancho

11 thoughts on “Feast On Our Las Vegas Thanksgiving Dining Guide

  1. How do the buffets work? We want to go. Do we need reservations? What’s the Boarding Pass card? Does that mean we buy one buffet and we can eat at any of the places included until the time is up? or is it that price at every buffet.

    1. Hi Renee, you don’t need a reservation (we actually don’t take them). Expect a bit of a wait in line at the buffet on Thanksgiving. Our Boarding Pass card is our player’s card. When you show your card at the buffet you get the nice price listed above. There’s a different/higher price if you don’t have a card so definitely go to the Rewards Center and sign up. Thanks!

      More about Feast Buffets: http://www.stationcasinos.com/buffet

      More about Boarding Pass: http://www.stationcasinos.com/gaming/boarding-pass/

    1. You stations just keep getting cheaper and cheaper! And not in a good way. Come on guys, you can’t just give the pies away to your customers? 300 points? REALLY? That tears it….I’m done with you…and I’ve been a loyal customer for over 10 years now. Just can’t help noticing how bad the play is and how ridiculously cheap you are!

      1. yes, sorry if you didn’t get the free pumpkin pie, we don’t know all the details about who qualified for a pie and who didn’t, we do value you as a guest and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving

  2. I was wonder which restaurant offered the best menu. What place tastes the best, what place has the most sides, etc. Looking for dinners only not buffets… for some reason I hate buffets. 😀 if you can help me let me know please.


    1. well, we’ll answer and we’ll see if others reply as well … although not real traditional we love the Oyster Bars, also a fan of China Spice (yum, duck) at GVR and Garduno’s at Fiesta Rancho … anyone have any recommendations?

  3. @ Gerad Quimby ………….Tides Oyster Bar at GVR is amazing. All of the food is quality there. The lobster role, rib eye steak special, fried calamari, crab cakes etc. with great service too. I would like to say that the GVR buffet has gone downhill as of late. Forget the fact that there is no seafood besides small shrimp. All of the food comes out cold. I go there at least once a week and I wait for the food to come out………and it’s still cold. Which means it’s just sitting somewhere. Sunset is the exact opposite as all of their food comes out hot. Who is running GVR? The one good chef they had (big guy) I assume has been let go. He was keeping the food fresh and a bit hotter. The pizza at GVR will come out hot if you time it right but they are putting less oil (cutting corners) on it than they used to. This causes it to dry out very quick. They have way too many potato dishes at GVR. Cheap to make and hoping to fill people up. They cut way too many corners there and it’s sad because it was such a great buffet years ago. Crab legs, lamb chops, prime rib, other seafood dishes……….all gone. Guess what? Even the waiters and waitresses aren’t allowed to give that many napkins at one time. So you have to keep asking for more. That’s when I knew this ship was sunk. They are really trying to save money on napkins. This is 100 percent true! Remember when Vegas wouldn’t mind losing some money on food to get people (with money) to gamble. Now corporations want to make money in every inch of the casino. Thus, driving away people with real money to better buffets like “The M”. The Stations haven’t exactly succeeded with this cheap attitude. Lastly, I’m not saying it’s so hard to be a chairman with these new guidelines. 300,000 status credits in 6 months is fairly easy. The problem is, if you’re going to have a TOP TIER…………then you should actually get something for it. There is NO DIFFERENCE being chairman of president. What exactly is the point? Here’s an idea. Chairman only: Half price dining when you pay with your points at ALL RESTAURANTS.. Make it only Mon- Thursday if you want. See, now that wouldn’t cost you much and it’s a way better idea than the guy who came up with not giving out many napkins.

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