Las Vegas Spa Tips: The Beauty of Renewal

THE DAYS ARE shrinking, the leaves are turning and the holiday season is beginning its chaotic approach. With full days of work, family, school, kids and everything else we try to fit into our schedule, who has time for skin care? Fortunately, we are masters at multi-tasking, and skin care is no different. Fall and winter can be unforgiving on our complexion, but with a few essential steps, your skin will survive the season with time left over to roast some chestnuts over the fire.

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha (Exfoliants: the forgotten middle child of skin care)

I hear it all day long:

  1. Cleansing? Check!
  2. Hydrating? Check!
  3. Exfoliating?  … Silence.

Here’s the skinny on the elusive science of cell turnover:

The superficial layer of skin called the epidermis is essentially … dead. Without proper shedding of the skin, our moisturizers and anti-aging products cannot work effectively. In addition, the skin becomes congested with oil and dead skin cells resulting in blackheads, whiteheads, blemishes and lackluster skin.

Links your skin will love

The brighter side

Exfoliants are extremely effective agents of radiance that are derived from natural ingredients. It is easier than ever to incorporate these polishing pals into your routine. The shady season is the perfect time to try professional treatments to obtain a glow that will make you sparkle in time for the holiday party.

Treatment spotlight

Glycolic Peel: A 30% acid, derived from sugar, that packs a punch and will soften fine lines, reduce sun damage and stimulate collagen production. (Best done in a series of 4-6 sessions)
Mircodermabrasion: You are sure to sparkle from this crystal-based treatment. Best for dry, sun- damaged, and aging skin types. (Best done in a series of 6)
Radiance: Cinnamon and fruit acids coupled with firming agents leave the skin with a warm youthful glow.

Homecare in a hurry

  • Epicurean Herbal Scrub (more at :43 of the video): An apricot-based scrub that removes buildup and leaves the skin brighter and smoother (normal/dry skin types).
  • Hylunia Fruit Acid Exfoliant (more at 1:35 of the video): Packed with AHA acids in a gel formula that digests dead skin while you sleep (normal/sensitive/combination/oily).
  • Epicurean Hydro Plus Moisturizer: This winter proof cream quenches the skin and leaves it soft and hydrated all day (dry skin types).
  • Epicurean Lip Balm: With silky shea butter and healing tea tree oil, this lip balm gives the lips the protection that lasts without cakey, sticky residue.

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