Station Properties Trialing IGT Universal Slant

THE LARGER PROPERTIES at Station Casinos each have 10 IGT Universal Slant units on trial.

The new units feature dual 23-inch LCD displays, and are capable of supporting reels, video reels or multigame poker and keno.

Initial results have been very positive.

Ask our slot ambassadors to show you where the new units are on the floor.

Which do you prefer? Upright machines, slant screens or bartop unit?

2 thoughts on “Station Properties Trialing IGT Universal Slant

  1. Why don’ t you guys have 2nd Chance Royal video poker machines? I can’t understand why EVERYONE doesn’t have these! Who wouldn’t want to have a FREE second chance at a royal? Are you planning on adding these anytime soon?

    1. hey sue, we had them at Red Rock but nobody played, so we took out, apparently everyone doesn’t want to have a free chance at a Royal, sorry, thanks

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