Eat, Drink, Eat Some More With Our Holiday Dining Guide

FIRST OFF, MERRY Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Now, like grandpa might say while dozing off in his recliner: Let’s Eat!

A couple of notes about our Feast & Festival Buffets for the holidays. The specials items for Chanukah are available Dec. 20 for dinner, then Dec. 21-24 & 26-28 for brunch, lunch and dinner. While the special Christmas meal at the buffet is Dec. 24 (Xmas Eve for dinner) and Dec. 25 all glorious day. Pricing, with Boarding Pass card, for the Christmas buffet goes like this:

  • Fiesta Henderson and Fiesta Rancho for $11.99
  • Aliante, Boulder, Palace, Santa Fe, Sunset and Texas Station is $12.99
  • Green Valley Ranch and Red Rock $18.99

Xmas Buffet Items

Chanukah Buffet Items

NYE/NYD Buffets

Click on the images above here to see the special buffet items … oh look, we’re having Yule Log! Also got the New Year’s Eve and Day buffet specials where we’re having seafood then champagne.

He loves the holidays: Read our VP of Food & Beverage’s first-ever blog post!

Our Las Vegas Christmas dining guide continues below with special menus at our steakhouses, cafés, Mexican (Feliz Navidad) and Italian (Buon Anno!) restaurants, and more.

The videos below are from our Star Chef competition, where chefs from our Grand Café, Cabo and Pasta Cucina restaurants held a cook-off to determine the menu items featured as specials for Christmas. So watch here; eat there on December 25.

We’ll keep adding to the list of menus here and if you have questions, let us know below!

Christmas Special at the Grand Café


Italian, originally from Boston and the Room Chef at the Palace Station Grand Café, Lenny details his winning dish of “wicked” Chicken Piccata, which you can order at all the Grand Cafes (except Red Rock, they have a different special, see below) on Christmas Day. Click that little image, up and to the left, for Lenny’s full special meal for $9.99.

Available at Grand Cafés at Boulder, Santa Fe, Texas, Sunset and Palace.

Christmas Special at Cabo


Chef Raul from Cabo Mexican Restaurant at Palace Station won the judges over with his Stuffed Skirt Steak with a creamy chipotle sauce (click on menu above). Watch as Raul describes the winning dish in our Star Chef competition and order it any of our Cabos this Christmas. Bueno Chef Raul!

Available at Cabos at Aliante, Boulder, Red Rock, Santa Fe, Palace and Sunset

Christmas Special at Pasta Cucina

Like the specials above, we held a Star Chef competition to determine the Christmas Day special at our Pasta Cucina Italian restaurants.

Unlike the specials above, we had some technical issues with the video so we can just tell you the menu to the left here won the day and is on the Christmas Day menu at all our Pasta Cucinas!

Available at Pasta Cucinas at Aliante, Boulder, Palace, Sunset and Texas

Holiday Dining Specials at Red Rock


Xmas Terra Rossa

Xmas Tbones

Xmas Grand Café

NYE Tbones

NYD Tbones

NYE Hachi

NYE Terra Rossa

All restaurants at Red Rock

Holiday Dining Specials at Texas Station


Xmas Oyster Bar

Xmas Austins

All restaurants at Texas

Holiday Dining Specials at Aliante Station





NYE/D Pasta Cucina at Aliante

All restaurants at Aliante

Holiday Dining Specials at Palace Station


Xmas at Palace

All restaurants at Palace

Holiday Dining Specials at Green Valley Ranch


Xmas Tides

Xmas Terra Verde

Xmas Sushi + Sake

Xmas China Spice

Xmas Hank's

NYE Tides

NYE Hank's

NYE Terra Verde

All restaurants at GVR

Holiday Dining Specials at Fiesta Henderson


Xmas Amigo's

Xmas Fuego

NYE Fuego

NYE Amigo's

All restaurants at Fiesta Henderson

Holiday Dining Specials at Santa Fe Station


Xmas Charcoal Room

All restaurants at Santa Fe

Holiday Dining Specials at Sunset Station


Xmas Sonoma Cellar

All restaurants at Sunset

Holiday Dining Specials at Boulder Station


Xmas The Broiler

NYE Pasta Cucina at Boulder

NYE Broiler

All restaurants at Boulder

8 thoughts on “Eat, Drink, Eat Some More With Our Holiday Dining Guide

  1. I wish to provide my staff of 15 with a turkey dinner for Christmas, or Chistmas Eve. Are you offering the option of picking up the complete Christmas meal as you have in past years? I am a manager at Dollar Thirfty Automotive Group at the McCarran Airport locaton.

    Thank you,


    1. Sounds nice, which restaurant or buffet were you thinking? Let us know and we will put you in touch with the right folks if possible, thanks.

  2. I am trying to see your menu for New Year’s day and the videos from the 2 chefs pop up and block out everything on the screen. If I want to watch the videos I would click on them. It is annoying having them keep popping up when I don’t want to watch them.

    I would like to know if you are having crab legs for New Year’s day? We called to ask on seafood nights if you still had crab legs and the operator told us no, but when I talked to a neighbor they said yes you do, so what is the answer do you still serve crab legs on seafood nights yes or no,

    Thank you for taking your time to read and respond to me.

    1. Hi Sandra, let’s get to the crab legs: yes, the seafood buffet on new year’s eve, starting at 3:30pm, includes crab legs … sorry about the videos, we try to make the page easy to view for the majority of visitors and apologize if you had a bad web experience, thanks, enjoy!

  3. It would be very nice if you can have a seafood buffet one day a week. NYE isn’t the greatest day fro locals (who you supposedly love) to go out. Those prices are fair for the great seafood you will be having…………just have a seafood night like other local places (Silverton/ South Point/ The M/ Coasts etc.). One day a year to fight the crowds just makes locals sad 🙁

    1. we don’t want to make locals sad, we also love a good seafood buffet and will pass along to the food and beverage folks, which night should it be … like Seafood Saturdays or?

      1. Any day of the week works for most locals. Maybe Friday Night at GVR and Red Rock and Saturday night at a few other Stations. Or make it on a Tuesday, when the Station Casinos are the least crowded. That way you bring in a lot of people on a night when you can use more business. Unfortunately, The Stations feel like every department must make a profit. Crab legs are VERY expensive………but losing money at the buffet is a small thing compared to the extra gambling that will be done. Can you measure the exact amount of non buffet revenue that seafood will bring in? Maybe not………….but the 4 other local casinos I mentioned do have a seafood night (s) without worrying about the exact profit the buffet makes. So ummmmm pass along this comment too…………and hopefully it will get to the right person.

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