The Best Hotel Experience Excels At Making You Feel At Home


WHEN WAS THE last time someone made you feel at home during your travels?

I have stayed at hundreds of hotels, some big and some small. Some have been expensive and some of them were dirt cheap! But it was the hotel where I had little to no expectations that I enjoyed my stay the most.

Think back to all the times you have stayed at a hotel. What do you remember most about the best stay you ever had? Did you pay a king’s ransom and expect a great stay only to be underwhelmed? By contrast, is there a limited service gem in your past travels that surpassed all your expectations because the hospitality you experienced made a lasting impression? No doubt it was the staff that made the difference, not simply by making you feel special, but also by making you feel at home.

It is my singular goal to ensure that our hotels are providing an experience that you can tell your friends about. It’s not just about the amenities, the beautiful weather or the many options our properties have to offer. It’s entirely because of our people.

Our Team Members are the lifeblood of our company. Without them, who could provide such great service? If you have stayed with us before, whether just once or a hundred times, what experiences can you share?

Welcome…. Home!

The featured blogger for this post is Station Casinos Vice President Hotels Michael Grisar

4 thoughts on “The Best Hotel Experience Excels At Making You Feel At Home

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