Huntin’ for the Best Easter Meals in Las Vegas

HERE ARE ALL our eggs in one basket!

Below are the special meals and deals for Easter in Las Vegas at Station Casinos.

We’ll start with our Feast and Festival Easter (and Passover) Vegas buffets and then go through the Easter meals being served at many of our restaurants (alpha order by casino name, then restaurant name).

Couple more points of interest about some of the menus:

  • Our Mexican restaurant Easter special (third egg) is available at Cabos at Aliante, Boulder, Palace, Santa Fe, Sunset and Red Rock, as well as Amigo’s at Fiesta Henderson and Gardunos at Fiesta Rancho.
  • The Grand Cafe specials (yum, Ham and Salmon) are being offered at Boulder, Palace, Santa Fe, Sunset and Texas cafes but NOT at Green Valley Ranch and Red Rock.
  • Lastly, Pasta Cucina’s special menu on Easter is being served at all PC’s, which includes Aliante, Boulder, Palace, Sunset and Texas Stations.

1) Hover over any egg for a little more info, 2) click to enlarge for details, and 3) scroll with the buttons down the bottom when enlarged. We’ll keep adding more menus as they get hatched, and if you have questions … hop down to the bottom of the page and let us know.

Oh, the Easter Brunch at Red Rock’s Tbones will have pictures with the Easter Bunny!

Even more Easter dining details in this Press Release

14 thoughts on “Huntin’ for the Best Easter Meals in Las Vegas

  1. Just wondering if you have any additional items on the menu for passover at Red Rock, such as whitefish salad, pickled herring etc. Thanks

    1. here’s the whole list being served at Red Rock, what’s Charoset?:
      Roast Brisket
      Matzo Brei
      Potato Latkes
      Sweet Kugel
      Matzo Ball Soup
      Potato Kugel
      Sweet and Sour Meatballs
      Herb Roasted Chicken
      Mushroom Ragu
      Stuffed Cabbage
      Salmon with figs
      Beet Horseradish
      Chopped Liver
      Fennel and parsley salad
      Hard Boiled eggs

  2. How come you have a Passover buffet and you don’t have smoked salmon. That’s pretty much a staple. You guys at Station’s kill me. Whenever I’ve sent an email to management it’s always ignored. Why should this be any different.

  3. What is on the menu for dinner at the Green Valley buffet? Is there any shrimp, crab. lobster, etc.? Will there be ham? What time does dinner start?

    1. Here’s the lineup at GVR, so yes to Ham and Shrimp, no to crab and lobster, Easter at the buffet is a brunch, same menu all day starting at 8am … Happy Easter!

      Carved Turkey, Ham and Prime Rib
      Mushroom and Herb Chicken
      Balsamic Roasted Vegetables
      Salmon in Hollandaise Sauce
      Green Bean Almandine
      Shrimp in Lobster Sauce
      Kung Pow Beef
      Walnut Shrimp
      Stir Fried Spring Vegetables
      Chicken and Pork Tamales
      Grilled Carne Asada
      Fresh Fruit Bar
      Strawberry Shortcake
      Bread Pudding Capirotada with Fruits and Nuts

  4. I was just wondering why there are not more good vegetable dishes at most of the casino buffets. At Fiesta Henderson, they usually have Greens, carrots, black eyed peas, etc. We love to eat our veggies. We don’t really like extra fancy veggie dishes but it would be nice to have some beans/legumes, whole grains, good stuff like mustard,collard, turnip greens, even with a few turnips thrown in. I just seem to notice that most of the buffets feature the “meat” items and not the veggie items. I love the good green salad offerings as well. Love squashes, etc too. I am not saying that we do not eat any meat but those veggies are good stuff too. I also love when the boiled shrimp are already peeled. What a great touch. My fingers get to stay clean. I am from the South and of course would like some southern dishes as well. such a mix of folks in Vegas. Just sayin’.


    Nora C.

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