Hot in Slots: ‘The Summer (2012) of Jackpots’ Edition

The endless summer has ended, this latest Hot in Slots post is newer

FIRST, LET’S WRAP up the Cadillacs and Cash promotions from May where there were many winners and smiling faces.

Next, in June many of our casinos are holding Free (open-to-the-public, anyone-with-a-card-can-play) Video Poker Tournaments.

OK, onto the greatest and latest slot machines in Las Vegas now, or soon to be, on our casino floors.

At this time, we can also share some info about “upcoming” new slots and releases:

  • The new Superman from Aristocrat should be landing on our floors by the end of June.
  • The new Michael Jackson game will install at all our casinos sometime in July. The MJ game is still pending gaming approval so we don’t have a firm date yet.
  • And we think the new Gone With The Wind theme is happening this summer, once approved.

One more thing, you can play/practice your Video Poker skills on all our facebook pages.

As always, if you have any questions … let us know below … and gooood luck!

Of course Super Jose is playing the new Superman at Fiesta Rancho with his lucky t-shirt!

Elvis is in the building … at Fiesta Henderson (above) and Red Rock Resort. More of our casinos will be adding as well in June. We used one of those iPhone apps for this pic. Thank you, thank you very much.

Clue is now at Sunset Station as well as at Boulder, Fiesta Henderson, Red Rock, Santa Fe, Sunset and Texas.

Santa Fe Station is the first casino in the world! with Monster Jackpots slots from WMS Gaming … fun video …


Time for a winner: Kevin won $10,000 playing Double Bucks at Sunset.

In our Spring 2012 post, a couple folks asked about “eCraps.” So, at the time of this post, we have electronic craps at GVR (video), Red Rock, Santa Fe & Sunset with Boulder Station coming soon. Let it roll…


Texas Station Slot Director Rick Scheer likes “Sheer Magic” from Ainsworth because it’s a homophone with his name. Homophone, is that the correct word? Anyway, Ainsworth is new to Nevada and Station Casinos has the most Ainsworth-themed games in Las Vegas.

We like this one for the 4th of July. No draw needed at Fiesta Henderson.

Red Rock’s new “Beat the Field” has a horse-racing theme … I’ll Have Another jackpot please!

IGT’s Wheel Of Fortune Triple Extreme just installed at Barley’s, which by the way has the best beer ever.

New King Of Dragons & Bamboo Panda at Wildfire Lanes.

Take your shot at Big Buck Hunter at Santa Fe Station.

Six new Spielo games at Boulder Station in front of the Railhead.

Mick asked about Super Team in our last Hot in Slots. Well, here it is at Santa Fe … Red Rock and Boulder, too.

Da Dum, Da Dum, Da Dum, Da Dum … Red Rock got Jaws.

… and Outback Jack

Red Rock also just added Aladdin …

25 thoughts on “Hot in Slots: ‘The Summer (2012) of Jackpots’ Edition

  1. It would be great for those of us avid Bingo players to have a site, such as this, to go to for finding out where and when big jackpots like the Jumbo Progressive have been won. We can look at the bingo site for status of cash balls, etc., but can never find where the latest jackpot was won, when or by whom.


      1. hello, my wife and i are planning our 5 year wedding anniversary and we are leaning toward staying at green valley. can you tell me if you have the slot games vegas hits, double or triple gold and wheel of fortune $5 and up? if you have these please let me know and what denominations. also do you have 3 card with the progressive, table game and let it ride bonus?
        any insight would be great. also a shot in the dark, we love a table game caled 3-5-7 poker. if you have it ill be staying the full 10 days at green valley!!!!!!
        thanks!! hope to see gvr soon!

        1. 1st: congrats on five years! 2nd: Green Valley Ranch is a pretty great place for special occasions … now onto gaming …

        2. No Vegas Hits, was told that was removed about a year ago
        3. GVR has six Double Gold machines (3 Double Gold, 2 DG Jumbo Dollars & 1 DG Progressive)
        4. Only one Wheel of Fortune for $5, also have four Quarter and five $1 Wheels
        5. Tables Games: GVR does has 3-Card Poker with a progressive and Let It Ride Bonus, but we don’t have 3-5-7
        6. Gooooooooooood luck!
  2. I’m really disappointed in the slot play at Sunset. When I first started playing slots at Sunset it was very rewarding. I know we can’t win all the time but I’ve earned close to !00,000 on my Players Card at Sunset. The largest Jackpot I’ve hit in the last 6-8 months is $160. and those are few and far between. When can we expect to see the slot play to improve? You claim your slots are great. I challenge you to checkout my slot play return. It’s really sad and making it difficult to continue playing slots at Station Casinos. It’s really frustrating to play a machine and drop $100+ in a matter of minutes. Loosen those slots and stop with the Contest of winning cars which my chances of getting struck by lightening or hitting the lottery are greater. This isn’t just me I hear it through the slot area every time I play, which lately is less and less because I have no play money.

    1. Hear, hear, Dianna. I’m a Green Valley regular and share your exact sentiments. I used to get at least 50 W2Gs from GVR and occasionally Sunset and Fiesta each year. At least up until 2009. It tapered off a bit in 2010, and 2011 was a DISASTER. One – yes, ONE – W2g in 2011– for $1200. I’ve had three or four so far this year but by no means close to what it was like for years. My bankroll IS my winnings – as a retiree disabled, I have no discretionary money after the bills are paid. So I rely on my winnings to keep on playing. I mean, it’s not like they’re losing any money on US, their bulwarks. We’re just pumping it back in and looking for a chance to have some significant play time and escapism. I’ve just about given up on these drawings and tournaments. I’ve played ALL the tournaments for years – never missing. I ONCE won $25. Don’t even want to think what it cost me to win that $25. And the drawings…don’t believe ANYONE who tells you to get more tickets in and your chances will improve. B***S***. I regularly have thousands of tickets in EACH drawing and sit there like a fool evey weekend, thinking “c’mon, nobody I know has even half that many tickets in – gimme a break”. I am hard pressed to believe it’s random. Anyway, In the past two years, I’ve actually gone home so bummed and depressed almost every time. I’ve been making some silent resolutions lately. M turned sour, too; haven’t been back there in two years, but I’m thinking of giving it another try. Good luck to you. May all your Aces have kickers.

  3. I like playing the WMS slot machines. I’m a little disappointed in the fact that so many are upright. They are very uncomforatable to sit at for any amount of time. Also, I play at GVR, Fiesta and Sunset and find very few Lancelot or Rome and Egypt machines. Fiesta had one Lancelot and Rome and Egypt that was not an upright machine the next week I come in and they are GONE! Why do you have soooooo many Buffalo machines!

    1. hi Rebecca, we try to offer as big a selection of games and game consoles as possible. The good news is we are always changing the slot floor to try and make things better (and more comfortable). Please feel free to ask a slot attendant exactly what you are looking for during your visit as they might be able to help. As far as Buffalo, in general, we carry the games that the most people like (and have to switch out the ones people don’t like) and Buffalo has always been one of the most popular, Thank you for your feedback

  4. Just wanted to let you know that I’m really enjoying the new WMS machines. “Clue” is so darned entertaining! Question: Will you have more WMS machines that use the “players life” system? I love being able to sign into the game and keep track of my progress online. I haven’t found any other machines using the “players life” system. I’ve recommended the Clue with “players life” to friends and they love it too. Thanks for taking time to reply.

    1. Hi Linda, Clue and those games do look fun. We will certainly add more machines with the Player’s Life system from WMS as newer machines become available. Thanks!

  5. why have you taken the “cash wizard” clot from the Santa Fe? We live in OK and come out there about every 2-3 mos, they were there one trip and gone the next. I spoke w/one of the floor people and they said they were removed. my question, WHY????

    1. Hi Susi, to answer your question directly: the reason we removed it, or any game for that matter, is usually the same reason and that is not enough folks play the game and we always try to keep the games the most people like on our floors. We’re glad you like it as well as frequent Santa Fe Station and the good news is we do have Cash Wizard at Boulder Station, Sunset Station and Red Rock Resort. Thank you.

    1. Yes! Just check at the Rewards Center when you arrive, and one of the friendly team members will show you where to play JAWS! Have fun!

  6. I like the machine” Towers of the Temple” but I”ve only seen it at Santa Fe. Do you have it at any other station casinos?

  7. I just wish you would cut down on the big, low-chance promotions like car giveaways, and focus more on smaller giveaways where we feel like we have a CHANCE of getting something, like $20 or $50 free slot play giveaways and promos. That makes people happy, even if they lose all of it or don’t win much. Most of the time we’ll give it back — we just want to play for a while, not for five minutes before it’s gone.

    I think you guys confuse the psychology on all this — MOST players aren’t enticed by massive jackpots (that’s reserved more for the casual Vegas vistor and Red Rock player). The average local looks for quality time for their money, and are usually satisfied if they lose $100 in a few hours, but are irritated if they lose it in ten minutes.

    1. excellent, excellent comment, we/Vegas are guilty of promoting the big grand prize when many folks like yourself are players wanting “time on machine” or whatever the industry term is, from a marketing perspective we try to grab your attention with a big number, but in reality there are a lot of smaller payoffs in the same promotion, a couple examples: our $100,000 (big number) Super Summer Free Slot Tournament going on right now in August ( where there are actually hundreds of $25 winners every week, and our $2 Million Great Giveaway football contest where you can win a house!, but in reality many more people will win like $100 for Fiddle-in-the-Middle (having an even record at the end of the year) or are just happy getting their entry fee back for making all their picks, we have some pretty smart people who do promotions and who understand there should be a big prize with little prizes as well, thanks again for the feedback!

      It’s a great conversation, anyone else have any insight?

      1. Have you ever tried to get even a $25 win in the slot tournaments. I am convinced that those d*** red, white and blue machines (way overused) have a few “hitters” among them and some people have figured it out, Sure would like to see a few years of data on which machines hit the bigger prizes with regularity, which are perennial $25 winners, and which give up NOTHING. Since I’ve played hundreds of times and won $25 ONCE, I’d be happy to start by telling everyone which machines NOT to play ;-))

  8. It’s too bad the machines at Sante Fe are so tight. While I hear over the loudspeakers people hitting “$2000” video poker jackpots fairly often, the rest of us get squeezed. The people hitting those jackpots are betting huge amounts and must have big bankrolls, as well.

    We’d just be happy if our money lasted around an average of two or three hours — instead of TEN MINUTES. You can’t go in there with $20. That might last five minutes. With $100, you might get 45 minutes in, if lucky.

    I bet pretty small, typically. Minimum bet. Or play nickel VP. Sometimes penny VP.

    What I notice is that you never, ever get multiple decent wins. You might get one OK win, and then it takes it all back instantly.

    I also put in $20 at Sante Fe in a couple of the slots, bet the minimum bet (30 cents) and lost everything without a single bonus and hardly any wins in about four minutes. Ridiculous. Just ridiculous.

    I’m seriously considering taking my play elsewhere at this point. Again, I don’t leave upset or disappointed if I play four a few hours and lose it all. I want some entertainment, some bonuses, and to get “ahead” at least once in a session. I know you can’t just give money away, but if everyone got ahead — maybe $20 or $40 — only about 5 percent would ever leave with those winnings.

    I was at Sante Fe over Labor Day and didn’t see anyone winning. It was depressing.

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