An Interview With Tears For Fears’ Curt Smith

Everyone in our office is excited for Tears For Fears to return to the Las Vegas area on August 4th under the stars at Sunset Amphitheater at Sunset Station Hotel & Casino. (Author: I shared a few photos from last summer’s show at Red Rock below – it was phenomenal, folks. Don’t miss a chance to see these guys perform!) Special thank you to Curt Smith for contributing his time for this interview to our blog! [Tickets/Info]

Station Casinos: What’s your personal favorite song (from your own catalog)?

Curt Smith: I’ve always felt that “Sowing The Seeds Of Love” is the most complete song we’ve done as far as writing AND production working so well together.

SCLV: What city/country is on your bucket list (not yet played or visited)?

CS: Anywhere in Africa. We’ve been through Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia/New Zealand… but never Africa. I’d like to go sometime.

SCLV: Name of your first band? (high school group, etc.)

CS: Most people think our first band was Graduate… but keep in mind that Roland and I met as young teens, and we actually had a band before that. It was called Duckz.

SCLV: What career path would you be on if not a gigging musician?

CS: I was studying to be a teacher, and in fact that still interests me tremendously. For the past two years I’ve guest lectured at the USC Annenberg School For Communication about how technology and social media are impacting the music business (or my bit of it, anyway). It’s energizing to be on a university campus and rewarding to be able to interact with the students.

SCLV: Are you an animal lover or? Any four-legged passengers on the tour bus? At home?

CS: We have two Vizslas, both females. Bella is three and a half and Ivy is just over a year old. While I’d love to have them along on tour, it wouldn’t be ideal for them as we move around so much and I’m quite busy during those very hectic weeks. Besides, I’m sure my kids wouldn’t be too happy about me taking “their” dogs away for a month or more.

SCLV: What is your favorite thing about Las Vegas?

CS: Although I have some close friends there, I don’t actually get to Las Vegas often.  When I’m there for shows the schedule precludes me getting out much and exploring. Having said that, my manager is a big fan of the food and wine scene, so I’m hoping to capitalize on her knowledge on an upcoming trip. I certainly like that it’s close to Los Angeles and I can get home quickly after the gig.

SCLV: Do you gamble? What is your favorite casino game?

CS: I confess that I do not gamble.

SCLV: What can fans expect from your show?

CS: They can expect a set covering material from all four of our studio albums. Roland and I have had solo projects apart from Tears For Fears and we usually include a song or two from those, as well. So if they like our music, they’ll enjoy the show. We also have the amazing Carina Round on tour with us this year. She’ll be singing backup with us and for some of the gigs (although not Las Vegas, unfortunately) she’ll do an opening set.

SCLV: What is your favorite city/country to visit/perform?

CS: In 2010 we played Manila for the first time in something like 25 years. The audience’s response was extraordinary and quite moving. Try to imagine Araneta Coliseum – where the historic “Thrilla in Manila” bout was held – filled with thousands of people singing along to the entire show at the top of their lungs. There are videos on YouTube. It’s a good thing we use in-ear monitors or we literally wouldn’t have been able to hear what we were playing. It was quite an experience.

SCLV: What question are you totally sick of answering?

CS:Why aren’t you playing a show in [insert name of city or country here]. You haven’t played here in forever and you have so many fans here. Why are you ignoring us?
In fact, I get asked that question so often that I’ve written a blog post to address it (


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