Tears For Fears Hits A Home Run At Sunset

Tears For Fears graced the stage at Sunset Amphitheater on Saturday night and by all accounts it was a flawless evening (well, maybe a bit muggy). The band was crisp and the lawn was filled up (just right). The band wasted no time, opening up with the iconic “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” and it only got more intense from there. Thanks to Curt, Roland and the entire band for ‘hitting it out of the park’ this weekend.

A nod also to Carina Round (pictured above) who not only joined the band onstage, but also performed solo as the opening act. Carina had the crowd in the palm of her hand after a couple of songs. Fun to watch a relative unknown ‘break a leg’ and wow a crowd.

Check out a great interview we were lucky to conduct with Curt Smith last week leading up to the show: Curt Smith

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