Dollface Poised To Take Las Vegas By Storm

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From the Runaways in the 70’s to The Bangles in the 80’s, ‘All-Girl’ groups have always held a special fascination for ‘Rock’ audiences. Add to that list a substantial number of edgy, punk-influenced variations from the 90’s, a la Veruca Salt & L7, and a resurgence in today’s music with representatives like The Dum Dum Girls, The Broken Bells and many more. What is it about this formula? First things first, don’t call it a formula! The girls in Dollface are ‘True Believers’, and that’s what we learned when we sat down with founding band member and vocalist Tiffany Martin.

The SC Blog had the honor of  a ‘face to face’ interview with the Dollface lead singer yesterday. The group plays Ovation in Green Valley Ranch tonight! The girls have a reputation for a super high energy live show, so come prepared to move and get there by 9pm…  Best of all, it’s a free show!

Thanks to Tiffany for putting her mic down for a few minutes to chat with us. Here’s how it went:


SC Blog: We always ask visiting rockers if they bring any four-legged friends on the road with them… in this case it’s just a silly question.

Tiffany: Yep. This is my sidekick Beely. She goes everywhere with me. Everywhere!

How about a little back story on the band? Dollface originated in Orlando?

Yes. I moved with my family from Massachusetts at 5 years old. Jessie (bass) is from New York, and The Miller sisters Kayla and Alayna (Drums and Bass respectively) are from Daytona. The sisters and I have been playing around in Orlando for 3 years originally in a different 5 piece band. We started Dollface and Jessie joined about a year and a half ago. We all just moved out to L.A. a month ago.

How is that going… the L.A. thing?

It’s really neat to play a place like the Roxy which we recently did, but we’re getting a real following in Vegas too and we’re really enjoying the city and the opportunities here.

So does that mean there’s another move on the horizon?

It could happen. Stay tuned!

Dollface weaves an interesting mix of Pop and Heavy Rock… which of the girls lean to the heavier side of Rock?

We all do! When I was young and just getting started (Tiffany started singing at age 10) I was personally inspired on the pop side by Britney [Spears]. I also really respect Lady Ga Ga and Katy Perry for their vocals and songwriting, but to say Dollface is a pop group wouldn’t be the whole truth. We’re pretty heavy. I learned as I progressed that my voice was geared for Heavy Rock. Part of that was discovering Janis.

Joplin you mean?

Yeah. I fell in love with Janis Joplin and Fleetwood Mac and never looked back.

What is your personal favorite song (from the Dollface catalog)?

Broken. That’s the whole group’s favorite. We’re just wrapping up the video for that one and are super excited about that song.

What city/country is on your bucket list (not yet visited or played)?

Egypt. I’m dying to see the Pyramids! I really have to.

Uhm… may we suggest putting that off for a few months in light of recent events?

Yeah, I know… that can probably wait just a bit.

What career path would you be on if not a musician?

Definitely a DJ. I was on a talk radio show for quite a while in Orlando. I’m known there! I loved every minute of it, but I just needed to go for it…. to sing.

What is your favorite thing about Las Vegas? 

Oh the shows. Especially ‘Australia’s Thunder From Down Under’.

Do you gamble? What is your favorite casino game?

Blackjack. With other people’s $$$.

Typical hot girl answer….

Yeah hey, I can’t lie.

If you could share the stage with any other band, who would it be? (dead or alive)

No Doubt.

Good answer.

Yeah, Gwen is amazing. She has been a major influence on me.

What other bands do you revere?

Led Zeppelin, AC/DC….

So, what can fans expect from your live show?

Well, you can expect that the audience won’t know what to expect! Let’s not reveal too much, but just… let’s  say we’re high energy (laughs).

What question are you totally sick of answering?

How did you get started?

Ok then…. glad we covered that earlier, you started singing at 10 and all that…. ok, moving right along….

Yeah, I get it a lot.

Other than Las Vegas and L.A., what other cities are you playing soon?

Reno soon, and probably a return visit to Orlando in December. We are all looking forward to that. [** Dollface has played all the major Rock-Fests in Florida and has shared the stage with major Rock acts including Kid Rock, Chevelle, Down, Korn and Webster]

Record Deal? 

We put out an independent Ep last November, self-titled. We’re still unsigned but good things are happening… conversations are happening. Plus, we recently filmed a pilot for a reality show called “Band-Aid”, so you may be seeing more of us on Cable TV real soon.

Girly things growing up or Tom Boy?

Definitely a combination there. I did the whole Toddlers And Tiaras thing and beauty pageants (laughs). I was the girl that showed up to soccer practice with really perfect hair (laughs again)… I was a competitive swimmer too.

Favorite pro sport?

Oh football, definitely. I’m a diehard Patriots fan.

Ugh… we still love you! Good luck tomorrow night!

Thanks! See you there Vegas!



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