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UPDATE: We “recycled” this post because, well, it’s football season and the info is still good with a little update. #@Tebow!

TO EACH HIS (or her) own. That’s what I say when it comes to betting on football in Las Vegas. At the end of the weekend, you’re the one who did the research and made the picks. You’re the one who has to live with the results. Maybe a little intense, but even the casual football bettor in Las Vegas has those moments of regret. I knew it. I shouldn’t have bet that. I should have bet more. What was I thinking? Any of this sound familiar?

Of course there are all types of bets and all kinds of bettors. You’ve seen them in the wagering lines and Sports Books at Station Casinos. Here’s my breakdown:

The Announcer: The guy who wants everyone to know what he’s got. He tells you in line and will even hand you his ticket so you can see. He’s usually the same guy pleading aloud to the screen/coach/nothing in particular during the games. Always excitable, The Announcer makes watching football at our Las Vegas Sports Books so much fun.

The Interrogator: The guy who’s always angling. Wants to know what you know. Rarely commits to a side before asking several opinions. The Interrogator rarely agrees or disagrees, just listens.

The Analyst: The guy who talks out every scenario during the game of how he could win, or lose, his game or ticket. Often optimistic, sometimes unrealistic, The Analyst is in it to win it until the end and often finds common occurrences, like a questionable referee call, to be “unbelievable.”

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The Worrier: Could be concerned about a line movement. Could be concerned about the weather. Could be concerned about the backup punter. The Worrier loves to worry and we love him in the Sports Book for it.

The Scorekeeper: The guy who tells you his record for the day, weekend, season, often prefacing his statements with “I would be.” For example, “I would be 5-0 today if it wasn’t for those two overtime games.” Loves sports, loves statistics, The Scorekeeper always knows exactly how much money he’s up or down.

So-Close Guy: Usually amiable, the So-Close Guy just lost his second game in a row by the hook, or got six out of seven on a parlay card. So Close!

The Genius: Tells you all about the great run he’s been on. Never afraid to say things like “I told you” or “I’m tellin’ you,” The Genius seems to always be one step ahead.

The best thing about football season in the Station Casinos Sports Books is that we have action for everyone. No matter if you are an Interrogator or Worrier, we have a Las Vegas football parlay card for you.

Here are a few notes about our 13 Las Vegas football parlay cards:

  • The super exciting $1 Million (could you imagine) Football Parlay Cards come out Wednesday and Friday.
  • Most all of our other weekly parlay cards for football – Ties Win, ½ Point, Teasers – come out first thing Thursday morning.
  • And of course you can just bet a parlay over-the-counter if you like the current odds on the board best.

All together, Station Casinos has 13 ways to parlay. If you click on this little poster here it shows all 13. Best of luck!

Have any questions about our Vegas football parlay cards? Got a favorite one? Got a bad beat story? Let me know below!

74 thoughts on “Station Casinos’ Las Vegas Football Parlay Cards

        1. Wouldn’t that be great (sorry, sarcasm), but no, with the $1 Million Parlay Card for $5 you have to bet against the spread. We can say with a good deal of confidence that 20-for-20 on “money line” bets, while still difficult, wouldn’t pay nearly $1M. Anyway, a couple of alternatives: if you want to parlay money line bets, the limit over-the-counter is 8 games at Station Casinos and the payout would vary greatly depending on if you took a lot of underdogs or heavy favorites. Sounds like you should be in our Great Giveaway contest!

    1. No min or max, just $5. So it’s $5 to win $1 Million for 20-for-20. There’s also $5 to win $100,000 for going 15-for-15. A guy last year hit the 15-for-15! Good luck

        1. Hey i was wondering i had a parley card and i won on all games. but one game i did win and the score was 27-24 but the losing team had a +3. so does that mean my card is a piece of shit now?

          1. depends on a couple things: the 27-24 game (NYG/Buffalo, we will presume) is either a “push,” win or loss. If your bet is a winner or not depends on 1) how you bet it 2) the parlay card you bet. If you bet “over the counter,” meaning off the board/didn’t fill out a parlay card, it’s a winner but bumped down from a 5-for-5 to a 4-for-4, for example, as it’s a push. If you bet on a “Ties Win” parlay card it’s a winner. If you bet a “Ties Lose” parlay card, it’s a piece …

  1. hi, this is my first time playing parlay. having said that, i have picked a 5 teams $20 bet. i took patriots -2 1/2
    eagles -2 1/2
    jets -2 1/2
    49ers -6 1/2
    colits -3 1/2

    so all the teams have covered there points, however, the colts only one by 3 points. is this mean i lost my bet or is there some kind of reward for winning the rest?

    1. Pretty good for a first-timer, but unfortunately if you lose one bet on a parlay card you lose the card. To answer your question directly: there is no “reward” for 4 out of 5. In betting terms, you lost by what we call “the hook,” giving 3.5 and winning by 3 in this case. On an over-the-counter parlay, if you tie or “push,” the bet continues or gets bumped down to the remaining games. So, if you had Indy -3, you would have won the 4 out of 4 and cashed your ticket at that payout rate. There are also Ties Win parlay cards you might want to check out. Bottomline: you came as close as you can without winning. Better luck.

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    1. i’m mostly a straight bettor myself, but sometimes you can get a better, early line on a card than on game day (saturday/sunday), before the line moves, right?

    1. Well, we could say a lot here but let’s limit it to football parlay cards on Saturday. We have five main football parlay cards for Saturdays with many college games and every pro game each week. In order of “easiness” (meaning the payout odds are less): 1) Ties Win Mega Teaser, 2) Ties Win Teaser, 3) Ties Win Parlay, 4) 1/2 Point Parlay and 5) 1st Half Parlay cards. The title of the card pretty much explains the action, assuming you know what “Teaser” means. With the Mega Teaser you get more points than the Teaser (and less odds). Ties win on Ties Win cards, obviously, but lose on the 1st Half Parlay card (and no ties on 1/2 Point card). I think some law prevents me from talking about odds and payouts over the Internet, but let’s say the least amount of games you can bet on a card is three and the most being 15, depending on the card, with the payouts adjusting according. I hate not being able to talk specifics and I’m going to ask my boss if we can post odds and payouts next week. Good Luck!

    1. i would say, but I can’t say, some law prohibits us from giving odds out over the Internet, over state lines or something, crazy but effective, i can say it depends on the card you play, check it out next time in one of our Books, or you might want to ask Kramer, sorry, thanks

  3. If you play a 3, 4, 5, or 6 teamer and win all but 1 and the 1 ties. Does it drop from the ticket and the winners ride? Or do you get your original bet back as a push?

    1. Well, there’s one very important question: is this on a parlay card or just over-the-counter, meaning you picked the games off the board at the window? And, if a card, which card? If you just parlayed over-the-counter (no card), then you won…the first scenario you described, the tie is a push and the bet gets bumped down one, so if you bet five, pushed one, you hit four-out-of-four odds. Now, and this is important, if you played a parlay card where ties wins, you win all the games. If you played a card where ties lose, you lost the whole kaboodle. What card? For the moment of truth, turn the card to the back (if you still have it) and the No. 1 item under rules says Ties Win or Ties Lose. Good luck, let me know if you hit it!

      1. I didn’t have a card. My Dad and I disagreed. He lives in Vegas and I was born and raised there but moved to AZ a year ago. He was out here visiting me and we had a disagreement. That settled it though. Thank you much!

  4. I need to open my own casino and just take the 20/20 parlay cards for $5. The odds of hitting 20/20 is over 1 million to 1. Casinos should about break even if they only charged $1 for these – 400% take on every card is unbelievable!!!

    1. i’m happy when I get one right, it’s very, very difficult, but not impossible and deserving of a $1 million if you can hit 20 for 20, no one did it this year, last year a guy hit 15 for 15, what would you call your casino? you taking the points with the Quack Attack or money-lining it?

  5. Hi,

    I picked Michigan State this bowl season to lose and they lost but the line was +10. They lost by 40. On a bet like this does a team have to lose by that exact number or can it be over that like the example above. Thanks!

    1. you win, by a lot: to answer the question, if I’m understanding correctly, you had Alabama -10 and they won by 42 points, so whether Bama won by 11 or 211 you had yourself an easy cover, nice pick, there are bets, usually pro football championship prop bets where you can try to pick the exact final spread, but for a normal side (one team or the other), you just need to cover the spread to win, thanks

  6. I played a 1/2 point parlay at Boulder Station all of my teams won their games but 2 of them didn’t cover the point spread. Do I win anything or because of those 2 teams does the whole card lose?

    1. johnny had the same question earlier in the football season (scroll up), to use your words: because of those 2 teams the whole card loses…actually one loss takes down an otherwise perfect parlay card…that’s the thing with parlays or teasers, and the reason that some people are just straight bettors (one side or total), if you hit them, they pay nice, but if you lose just one, you lose the bet, better luck!

    1. No, sorry, we answered this one last year, too. There’s a law that doesn’t allow us to give out game odds as well as payout odds for parlays, in this case. Something about electronically transferring betting info across state lines. Sorry, you come into any one of our Sports Books and they are printed on the back of all the cards. Good luck!

    1. Most always the final score, so OT counts for both side and the total for full-game bets and 2nd-half bets. What you wanted to hear or?

  7. The odds on the mega teaser are terrible. Your only getting 7 – 8 points per game and must bet 4 games to get back -200 or $20 put up wins only $10. Most book will give you 10 points and you must only pick 3 teams and it even pays higher. You will only have to bet $13 to win back that same $10.

    So you have to pick an extra team (4 min) with less points given ( 7 or 8) and it pays less.


    1. well, won’t get into the specifics of each parlay card but as a company we’ll say we feel we offer a great selection of parlay cards at competitive odds in Vegas. That said, as a sports bettor, it’s your right/your duty to find the best odds/best number when making your bet … that’s one of the great things about living in Las Vegas, right? … you can bet a 3-Team Teaser at the window, good luck.

    1. yes, OT counts, all overtimes (in this case all 3 possessions of college OT) count toward the final score … good news or bad?

  8. Hi. Is there a limit as to how many $1 million cards I can play? Are there college plays that are on the Wed. and not Sat. card & vice versa? Are the team choices similar on the Ties win, 1/2 point, Happy Hour, and Over the counter cards?

    I’m flying out there on a Wed. and leaving Friday night next week. Can’t wait to play. I’m a So-Close guy. I just missed a ten-teamer last week. Thanks, Texas Tech and Penn State.

    1. hey UnluckiestMan, 1) no limit on $1 Million Parlay Cards, $5 a pop, 2) For the record, there is a $1 Million Parlay Card on Wednesday and Friday, and there are (some) different games on those two cards, and there is definitely different games on the weekly parlay cards. Generally speaking, you can bet just about every college game on the weekly cards/over-the-counter, and on the $1 Million Cards there are “select” games, but still a lot (obviously, you need to pick 20 to win) … good luck going from So Close Guy to The Genius!

    1. Once hoops is in full swing, we have daily parlay cards with basketball games on them, but you can always parlay off the board (over-the-counter) … end the lockout!, thanks

  9. I bet on a 5 teamer on your Friday Happy Hour parlay card. I got all 5 winners right, except one game, the favored team was favored by 10. The actual score was the favored team winning by 10. Is that a loss or some sort of push win?

    1. good news/a little bad news. Good news: you won. A little bad news: you won 4-out-of-4 odds as the tie on that card/play gets pushed and the odds knocked down to the remaining four winning bets … you’ll take it, right 🙂


    1. so close, but no it’s not a tie, you lost by the 1/2 point, in general on the 1/2 Point Parlay Card you can’t tie, everything is a 1/2 point spread on the sides and totals, you needed that onside kick at the end, or Janikowski to miss one of those fields goals, better luck!

  11. i got a parlay at the TEXAS STATION for the PATS vs RAVENS & 49ers vs GIANTA games. so i got the PATS -7 & GIANTS +3.
    wat does the – & + mean?
    as u know the PATS WON BY 3 & the GIANTS WON BY 3 also.
    so next question.. did i win? lol

    1. To the point, you didn’t win, sorry. You won the Giants but lost the Pats and with a parlay gotta win both. The +/- is the points you are getting/giving in the game. So, when the game is over, take the final score and add(+) if you bet a team with a plus (underdog) or subtract(-) if you bet a team with a minus (the favorite). Specifically, the Giants won 20-17, you bet them +3, so as far as your bet goes the final score was Giants 23 (+3). 49ers 17. You win. Now, the bad news, you bet the Pats -7, final score was Pats 23, Ravens 20. As far as your bet goes the final score was Pats 16 (-7), Ravens 20. Good luck in the Big Game, who you betting on?

  12. Not sure if a push wins.. Did a parley car of 7 teams taking over 8 Seattle, the score was 8 so neither the under 8 nor over 8 won. So I was wondering is it a push and since I won the other 6, do I have a winner card?

  13. I guess I should give more detail on my question…. The Over/Under on the Seattle Baseball game yesterday was 8. So the score came to 8. So I am wondering does my daily Parley Card play of 7 teams is a winner of 6 team and not 7. I picked over 8 and the score was 8, although since the under 8 was not hit either does it make the game a push on the over?

    1. hi CS, if we are talking about the Daily Parlay Cards, we are pretty sure that is a “Ties Lose” card … please hold onto that ticket (pretty sure you will) and ask at the Book next time your in, might be disappointing news but if it was us on a 7-for-7, we’d double-check, thanks

    1. hmmmm, we’re stumped, you should get your $10 bet back, but that seems $10 short, did you win? either way, please ask at the Sports Book, (and let us know the answer) sorry, thanks

      1. I won. I received $110 plus my $10.

        The explanation is the parlay says 12 FOR 1 as opposed to the traditional12-1. 12 for 1 basically says for every dollar you bet, you get 12 (which includes your dollar back).

    1. first, 10 out of 15 is pretty darn good, but no, there’s smaller payout for doing pretty darn good, with that card (and almost every parlay card) it’s all (15-for-15 or 20-for-20) or nothing, good news: you only lost $5, sorry, thanks Ralph

    1. on that card, it’s a push, so your bet gets reduced, say from 5-for-5 to 4-for-4 payout, and so on, did you hit it?

  14. Can you please explain paragraph 11 of the rules on the back of the million dollar parley cards? Trying to understand the consolation prize statement. The way I read it, if you reduce down from 20-20 or 15-15 to at least 10 wins there is a payout. At the very least the explaination on the card needs to be clarified. Since ties lose on those cards, what other way can this card reduce and still pay?

    1. good question, that is for “No Action” games … say a tornado hits the Gulf Coast and 6 games or something get cancelled your 19-for-19 (18-18, 17-17, 16-16 or 15-15) you’ll win $100k … and your 14-14, 13-13, 12-12, 11-11, 10-10 will pay 860-1, helping?

  15. I bet a 6 teamer on a friday happy hour parlay card.
    I hit every game except for one. I lost.
    So it means that I lost the whole parlay card right?

  16. i have a question…this is my first time playing parlay i pick
    49ers -7
    texans -6
    saints -3
    today the 49ers won by 7 is that means that i won my first bet , so to win i bet they have to score at least one more points to win that bet

    1. so for me to win i need it the 49ers to win by 8, texans to win by 7 n saints by 4 or i just need to match whatever number they have

    2. hey Oscar, so you tied or pushed last night’s 49ers game, which could mean a couple things depending on the kind of parlay you played: 1) if you bet it over-the-counter (no card), your bet is still alive because it’s a push, and the best you can do now is winning the last two games and you get paid for a 2-teamer, 2) if that’s a tie’s win parlay card, you won and now need the other two games and you will win 3-for-3 … which kind of parlay did you play?

    1. well, the over-the-counter lines are live, and sometimes you like the lines on the card better, and on some cards ties win where a tie OTC pushes. We’ll say … “so all together: : it’s better to compare 🙂 thanks

  17. i have a question say i wanted to bet on a 4 team parlay can i pick just 4 winning teams without no spreads or anthing just four selected teams and when like that

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