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Las Vegas (Dining) Deal of the Week (2.14.11)

OUR NEW WeLuvLocals website is like the slot machine or hot dealer that keeps paying off: you just don’t walk away. In fact, you keep going back!

Go check out what the deal is right now.  There is always a great coupon to be had.

And, no, you don’t have to be a Las Vegas local. You just need to be able to use the coupon in about a three week period. Enjoy!

A Recent Las Vegas (Buffet Coupon) Deal of the Week – So Hot it Sold Out.

Here’s what you gotta know…

  1. Go to www.weluvlocals.com
  2. Click the Redeem button (also vote on the next deal)
  3. Register for the website real fast
  4. Log into the website
  5. Print your coupon
  6. Redeem your coupon at a Station Casino
  7. Enjoy yourself
  8. Repeat next time as there will be a new free Las Vegas deal at weluvlocals.com

Good deal, right?