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Station Casinos’ Las Vegas Football Parlay Cards

UPDATE: We “recycled” this post because, well, it’s football season and the info is still good with a little update. #@Tebow!

TO EACH HIS (or her) own. That’s what I say when it comes to betting on football in Las Vegas. At the end of the weekend, you’re the one who did the research and made the picks. You’re the one who has to live with the results. Maybe a little intense, but even the casual football bettor in Las Vegas has those moments of regret. I knew it. I shouldn’t have bet that. I should have bet more. What was I thinking? Any of this sound familiar?

Of course there are all types of bets and all kinds of bettors. You’ve seen them in the wagering lines and Sports Books at Station Casinos. Here’s my breakdown:

The Announcer: The guy who wants everyone to know what he’s got. He tells you in line and will even hand you his ticket so you can see. He’s usually the same guy pleading aloud to the screen/coach/nothing in particular during the games. Always excitable, The Announcer makes watching football at our Las Vegas Sports Books so much fun.

The Interrogator: The guy who’s always angling. Wants to know what you know. Rarely commits to a side before asking several opinions. The Interrogator rarely agrees or disagrees, just listens.

The Analyst: The guy who talks out every scenario during the game of how he could win, or lose, his game or ticket. Often optimistic, sometimes unrealistic, The Analyst is in it to win it until the end and often finds common occurrences, like a questionable referee call, to be “unbelievable.”

You can bet by phone and computer with a Sports Connection account

The Worrier: Could be concerned about a line movement. Could be concerned about the weather. Could be concerned about the backup punter. The Worrier loves to worry and we love him in the Sports Book for it.

The Scorekeeper: The guy who tells you his record for the day, weekend, season, often prefacing his statements with “I would be.” For example, “I would be 5-0 today if it wasn’t for those two overtime games.” Loves sports, loves statistics, The Scorekeeper always knows exactly how much money he’s up or down.

So-Close Guy: Usually amiable, the So-Close Guy just lost his second game in a row by the hook, or got six out of seven on a parlay card. So Close!

The Genius: Tells you all about the great run he’s been on. Never afraid to say things like “I told you” or “I’m tellin’ you,” The Genius seems to always be one step ahead.

The best thing about football season in the Station Casinos Sports Books is that we have action for everyone. No matter if you are an Interrogator or Worrier, we have a Las Vegas football parlay card for you.

Here are a few notes about our 13 Las Vegas football parlay cards:

  • The super exciting $1 Million (could you imagine) Football Parlay Cards come out Wednesday and Friday.
  • Most all of our other weekly parlay cards for football – Ties Win, ½ Point, Teasers – come out first thing Thursday morning.
  • And of course you can just bet a parlay over-the-counter if you like the current odds on the board best.

All together, Station Casinos has 13 ways to parlay. If you click on this little poster here it shows all 13. Best of luck!

Have any questions about our Vegas football parlay cards? Got a favorite one? Got a bad beat story? Let me know below!

The Bullet Points of Our Las Vegas Football Contests

This post was for the season of The Pack and not The Favre.
Read our Great Giveaway post for the upcoming 2011-12 season.

WELCOME LAS VEGAS football fans, as well as people who want to win a house, car, truck or enough cash to buy a car or put a down payment on a house (Great Giveaway payout info here). Station Casinos Las Vegas football contests are back like No. 4 so it’s time to bone up on what’s up for the upcoming season.

Not as a Station Casinos Team Member (that means I work here), but as an avid participant in our college and pro football contests, I’m here to give you some information (about the contests) that you might not be able to get anywhere else. In other words, I work here but have also played in almost every one of our football contests.

So here’s some info I find interesting as a fellow football contest participant.

Dates to know:

Check your record throughout the season at the Great Giveaway website

The Great Giveaway contest has a “No Lose Guarantee.” In betting terms, it’s a push. Here’s what you need to know about this:

  • You have to complete your Great Giveaway picks at the kiosk all 17 weeks on all your entries. If you have three entries, then all three. TIP: Remember to print your cards from the kiosk.
  • You don’t get your entry fee back if you are a weekly or end-of-season winner. So, if you happen to win $200,000 for being the Fiddle-in-the-Middle then you don’t get your $25 back for signing up. I could live with that.
  • You can bet four weeks in advance at the kiosk.
  • Entry fees are returned in slot play, starting January 21, 2011 (valid for 30 days once accepted) and must be activated by February 21, 2011. The Super Bowl is February 6, for a frame of reference.

Official Rules for Great Giveaway

Next, as sports fans/sports bettors, we like statistics. Here’s some worth knowing from last year’s contests:

  • The winner of the Great Giveaway for Most Wins went 183-62
  • The “winner” for Most Losses went 63-182
  • 946 Fiddle-in-the-Middle winners each had a record of 122-123
  • The winner of the Last Man Standing (pro) made it to Week 10
  • The winner of the Last Man Standing (college) made it to Week 8
  • One player won the Million Dollar Parlay Card. (He actually went 15-for-15 and won $100,000; no one went 20-for-20 for the million.)
  • One player won the weekly prizes for both Most Winners (15-1) and Most Losers (1-15). He took home cash and a truck in the same week!

You can bet by phone and computer with a Sports Connection account

More good info:

  • It’s still $25 per entry for Great Giveaway. Buy two, get third entry free.
  • We added a Camaro to the choices of weekly prizes
  • The biggest loser (Most Losses) also wins a house this year

If I don’t win, I hope you do!

Need any more info about our Las Vegas football contests? Let me know below!